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Sewing Agent

Upload Time: 2021-12-21
Category: Other
Brand: GEMP
Spec: MC615
Product Info

01. Manufacturer: Quzhou Acme Science And Technology Co.,Ltd.

02. Application areas: It is suitable for the gap treatment and bonding of GEMP industrial flooring, ceramics, ceramic tiles and other materials, as well as the bonding of metal and non-metal hard materials..

03. Product Features: Strong compatibility, non-toxic, uniform color, small expansion coefficient, good stability, acid and alkali resistance, anti-oil, anti-dust.

04. Product parameters: 

a. Appearance and shape: component A: viscous paste; component B: viscous liquid

b. Mixing ratio: A:B=1:1Volume ratio 

c. Application time of mixed slurrymin25℃: 30

d. Initial hardening timemin25℃: 120

e.Temperature range: -50℃~+100℃

f. Hardness: 70SHORED

g. Adhesion strength: 80kg /cm2