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The Application of Wood

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Although a variety of new building structural materials and decorative materials have been developed and produced in the world today, due to the unique and excellent characteristics of wood, wood veneer gives people a special and beautiful look, which can not be compared with other decorative materials. Therefore, wood has always maintained an important position in construction engineering, especially in the field of decoration.

However, the growth of trees is slow, and China is one of the countries with poor forest resources, which forms an increasingly prominent contradiction with the high-speed development of China's economic construction requiring a large amount of wood. Therefore, in construction projects, wood must be used economically and reasonably, so that long wood can not be used for short time, and superior wood can not be used for inferior purposes, and the anti-corrosion and fire prevention treatment of wood must be strengthened to improve the durability of wood and extend its service life. At the same time, we should make full use of the edge and corner fragments of wood to produce various artificial boards, which is an important way to comprehensively utilize wood.

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