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01. General type application areas:
Electronics factory,food factory,fospital,GMP pharmaceutical laboratory, precision machinery factory,shopping mall,underground parking garage, purification workshop,medical equipment,the refurbishing of the old ground or industrial channels,etc.

02.Anti-Corrosion type application areas:
Battery factory, Electroplating factory, chemical factory ,PCB factory, printing and dyeing factory,thermal power plant ,industrial sewage pool, etc.

03.Anti-Static type application areas:
Computer room, laboratory, microelectronics factory, military industry,dangerous sites, oil chemical industry workshop, hospital operating room, anesthesia room, textile factory, printing factory and gas factory and other places needing anti-static.

04.Anti-Bacterial type applications areas: 
Hospitals, GMP pharmaceutical ,purification plant,medical equipment factory,food workshops and other places where require high anti-bacteria.

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